Stone Sculpture
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Inspirational moments reflected in a work of art is a time honored tradition and a wonderful way to capture the essence of something we truly love or of that once in a lifetime experience. My goal is to capture these moments in time with a personal piece of artwork that is unique and personal to you.



I create uniquely designed, one of a kind, wildlife & animal sculptures in stone. My approach is realistic, yet stylized to suit each individual piece. The goal being to capture a snap shot in time of the animals we love, whether they be family pets or any of the beautiful, wild creatures we share the world with. Whether you’re looking for a piece that captures the majesty of a favorite wild creature, or you want to immortalize a beloved animal family member, I can fulfill your wish beyond your expectations.

work with steve karras commissioned art project


A thorough look through the Gallery will indicate the style and subject matter that Steve lovingly creates. A lifetime love of the outdoors is heavily reflected in much of Steve's work. 



A quick email will begin the discussion of the type of artwork you're wanting, and the subject matter you want as the final piece. We'll discuss size, style, and budget so you'll be fully armed with information before we begin.


Artwork Process

We want you to be thoroughly happy with the process of a commissioned work of art. We'll provide initial sketches for approval, purchase materials/stone and send photographs throughout each phase of the project.

Happy Clients Say It Best

Shelly Haffly

I commissioned Steve to create a stone carving of my dogs. Never having a custom piece made, Steve made it a simple, easy experience from sketch to finished sculpture. I would have been happy if it had looked like any of my twelve dogs (the Dirty Dozen), but he captured Patton's personality, expressions and features perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased. 




Review the Current Gallery

One of a kind, unique works of art created by Steve Karras. Have a look through the gallery for pieces currently available.

Charlie Parker - Bird - acrylic on canvas - 36” x 48“ - FOR SALE (email for price)
Erica - oil on panel - 10” x 12” - FOR SALE (email for price)
Jaime seated nude - oil on panel - 10” x 12” - FOR SALE (email for price)
Candle 1 - oil on canvas/framed w/linen liner - 6” x 8” - FOR SALE (email for price)

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Created by Steve Karras

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