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I create uniquely designed, one of a kind, wildlife & animal sculptures in stone. My approach is realistic, yet stylized to suit each individual piece. The goal being to capture a snap shot in time of the animals we love, whether they be family pets or any of the beautiful, wild creatures we share the world with. Whether you’re looking for a piece that captures the majesty of a favorite wild creature, or you want to immortalize a beloved animal family member, I can fulfill your wish beyond your expectations.

The process begins with a conversation. Email me directly to begin the discussion of subject, material, size, time frame and to get a cost estimate. Once agreement is reached, you’ll move on to the next phase.

Next, an initial, non-refundable, sketch deposit is requested. If you’re requesting a representation of your own pet, you’ll gather and send your photo reference(s) so I can familiarize myself with it’s unique traits and begin sketching. You’ll receive at least one pencil sketch, more if I feel there are multiple directions to take. I will create a design that will deliver the most successful and impactful depiction of your subject. Once you review the sketches, you’ll have the opportunity to make changes and suggestions to get to a design that fulfills your vision, or you can simply say, ‘GO!’

Once you’ve approved the direction of your custom piece, a 20% deposit, (of final cost, not including shipping) will be required. Once received, your stone will be purchased and the sculpting process begins. In some cases, I will create a clay sculpture to work out any final compositional variations. If that’s the case for your piece, you’ll be sent images to show the direction taken. You’ll be given an opportunity to suggest changes at this point.

Next, out come the tools to begin bringing your piece to life in stone! You’ll be sent progress photos at various points in the process so you can see how it’s coming along.

Once complete, final payment is made before your piece is packed for shipment to you. If you’re located within a reasonable distance, you can come to my studio and pick up the piece, or I can deliver it to you personally for an additional charge. If your piece needs to be shipped to you, you’ll be given a shipping estimate and you’ll be able to choose the shipping method. Please be aware, shipping costs depend, primarily, on weight and distance. The only way to give an accurate shipping cost is to weigh the piece once completed. Your piece will be well packed in a custom-made, wooden crate for shipment.

My goal is to capture the essence of the creatures I carve, in a unique moment in time.

Steve Karras


I‘ve always felt a special kinship to animals. And as an avid outdoorsman, I have a deep love & appreciation for the creatures in the wild. For that reason, animals are my choice of subject for my sculptures. While I work in a number of stone types, I’ve leaned toward soapstone, because of it’s workability and wide range of colors. But, I’m also comfortable with a range of stone, such as pyrophyllite and alabaster. All can be taken to a high gloss polish, matte finish and various ranges in between, to suit the desired final result.


Painting portraits and still life in oils on canvas is my preferred medium for painting. I have a realistic but impressionistic style that depicts the subject’s unique qualities and character. While I have painted extensively in acrylic, and have a bold style utilizing high contrast that make a striking presentation, I’ve gone almost exclusively to oils these days. I’m not accepting commissions for work in acrylic at this time, however, I have multiple acrylic pieces for sale.


I was the co-creator/illustrator of the Drake’s Adventures children’s book series and designer/illustrator for the comic book ‘The Dangerous Adventures of Tim Wells’. Today, I don’t take on much illustration work, opting instead to concentrate on my stone carving. However, I do take on the occasional illustration and logo/corporate identity programs when my schedule permits.

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