Artist Steve Karras

Steve Karras attended the High School of Art & Design and then Parsons School of Design in New York, before beginning a distinguished career as an illustrator in the highly competitive New York advertising industry.

From 1997 through 2015, Steve gained notoriety designing collectibles, commemoratives and other sculptural items for many national and international companies & organizations, including The Pentagon of the United States, the Saint Lewis Arch & the Statue of Liberty and many other historic sites across the country. Steve was also the designer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC’s line of gold & silver Christmas ornaments for a number of years.

Today Steve works by commission on unique projects that reflect his love of art and the outdoors. From sculpture to oils, every piece is individually created with the personal touch his buyers seek and enjoy.

Miles - acrylic on canvas - 36” x 48“ - FOR SALE (email for price)
Daphne - oil on panel - 12” x 16” - FOR SALE (email for price)
Candle 1 - oil on canvas/framed w/linen liner - 6” x 8” - FOR SALE (email for price)
Artist Steve Karras - Wildlife and Outdoors
Melons - oil on canvas/framed w/linen liner - 7” x 5” - FOR SALE (email for price)
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